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Your Hiring Specialists for startups, growth-focused and scaling businesses

We help businesses 
who are hindered by
recruitment inexperience, 
hiring complexities and
an unknown employer brand.

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You are in the right place if:


You've never hired or recruited anyone before for your business. 


You/Your team are looking to refresh your hiring and interviewing skills


You're a small business, startup or scaleup who doesn't yet have a robust hiring strategy and process


You need help with a current vacancy or have a recruitment project you need overseeing


Your current process is in need of a some TLC


You know you'd like some help but not sure how 

This is us

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Hi! I'm Deb! 
Your Hiring Strategist and external Recruitment Partner 

Whatever brings you here it's great to meet you!


I am the owner and founder of Phlox Consulting Pty Ltd. After 17 year of working in agency recruitment it was time to do something fresh and new. Working for someone else I was governed by what fees I could charge and what services I could deliver. 

It was evident that the companies that needed recruitment help the most were the startups, the up and comers, the entrepreneur who's business was flying but had no recruitment experience, those awesome little gems who were hidden in the corner because of an unknown employer brand. 

These are exactly who I wanted to help. 

The size of your business or revenue should not determine the quality of people you hire. And I am here to prove that to the world. 

With the right strategy, the right messaging, the right process and the right skills, you can hire your dream team today. 

The success of every business is directly linked to the people they hire.

"Your hiring today affects your business tomorrow"

So, if you have big ambitions and you are ready to employ a team that will align with your vision, values,  ethics and goals you are in the right place. 

At Phlox, we specialise in empowering growing and scaling businesses to build their dream teams with confidence and ease.


We work with business owners and leaders who are seeking skilled staff without the burden of hefty recruitment agency fees. Our services are tailored to support businesses at various stages of growth, ensuring they have the right strategies and tools to hire effectively. 

Avoid those costly hiring mistakes and hire the right people today. 

Hiring mistakes are costly and we're talking:

Time to Hire

Repercussions of the role being vacant

Cost to Hire

The cost of doing it again

Onboarding Costs

Your mental health and well-being

There are 3 ways in which you can work with Phlox to achieve your staffing goals:


Strategy & Consultancy

From 90 minute recruitment roadmap sessions through to longer term solutions, we can help you win the war for talent. Avoid costly hiring mistakes and get professional help and guidance today. 


  • 90 minute Recruitment Roadmap Call

  • Recruitment Planning Days

  • Hiring Process and Strategy Audit

  • Hiring Process design/refresh 

  • Bespoke consultancy/advice as needed


Recruitment Support and Project Management

Need a helping hand with your current vacancy? Allow Phlox to support you with managing your job adverts, applications and screening. Phlox can also manage volume recruitment projects, recruitment agency tenders and much more. 

  • Volume recruitment strategy and project management 

  • Let us interview with you 

  • Job Advert writing and application management 

  • Your external Chief of Hiring/Talent Acquisition Expert


Training Workshops & Masterclasses

Upskill yourself/your managers with our half and full day workshop options. Most managers tell me they were never taught how to hire. We have a range of workshops available plus bespoke offerings to suit your specific business needs.

  • Recruitment Marketing

  • Personal Branding for Managers

  • Interview Techniques

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Job Advert writing

Our Services

Our Methodology

Here at Phlox we pride ourselves on demystifying complexity.

Whether you are a business owner, business leader or HR professional, we understand that you have a busy workload. 


Our signature framework has been designed in a way that you can continue to use it for as long as you wish without having to constantly rely on us.


The 'Cog'nitive Hiring Method - The Phlox signature solution to achieving Hiring Mastery


The 'Cog'nitive Method is based on what we believe to be the 4 key principals required in any successful hiring process or strategy: 


✔ Proposition

✔ Plan

✔ Process

✔ People


Just like any cog mechanism, when 1 cog stops working,

they all fail to function at full capacity.

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Get to Know Us

Read more about our Values, our Mission and our Journey.

Our Story

Phlox Consulting

Sydney, Australia

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