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“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions"
and a healthy dose of curiosity."
Richard Branson

Whether you are an experienced leader or new to hiring, staying ahead of trends and learning new skills is crucial. 


3 key things you need to be an innovative leader:

  • Constantly learning and evolving 

  • Looking for ways to improve efficiency 

  • Be willing to adapt and try new things


At Phlox, we keep you up to date with everything you need to know to be an expert in hiring. 
We have your best interest at heart.
There are 2 ways you can attend a Phlox workshop:


1. Hire us to come and run a private workshop for your company

2. Attend one of our open workshops and meet other like minded leaders and business owners 

How it works


Send us an email or fill out the contact form


We'll reach out to understand your current needs


We send you a proposed workshop outline, costs and timescales


Once approved we book in a date

Topics Covered

Here are our most popular workshop topics:

Writing job advert

How to structure an interview

How to give constructive feedback 

How to use magnetic messaging to attract top talent

How to sell yourself, the company and role to an applicant

The link between hiring and employer brand

How to effectively engage and communicate with candidates during a process

How to establish a strong personal brand

Howe to protect your brand and reputation during a hiring process

Red flags to look out for in you and them

How to overcome unconscious bias

Using digital marketing for recruitment

How to interview candidates effectively

Interviewing for culture and company values

How to review a resume

Proactive v reactive hiring

A fool proof hiring process

Phlox Consulting

Sydney, Australia

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