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"Do what you do best .... 
and outsource the rest."
Peter Ducker

Whether you are a startup, scaleup, SME or growing business the idea of getting help with your recruitment has no doubt crossed your mind. What may be holding you back however, is that hefty price tag that is associated with partnering with recruitment agencies. 

As you know, Phlox is not a traditional "recruitment agency" and our services are specifically aligned to the business owner/leader of a smaller entity who is cost conscious. 

Our Recruitment Support Packages are great if you are seeking end to end recruitment support. But what if that sounds too much to commit to right now? 

Introducing our Outsourced services where you can ask us to complete those one-off important yet time consuming tasks leaving you with more time to run your business. 

Maybe you're: 

  • Time poor

  • You're procrastinating 

  • Your brand is not well known and you're unsure of what to do 

  • You don't want to pay huge recruitment agency fees

  • You have been burnt and want to avoid those costly hiring mistakes 

  • Hiring is not your forte and you are happy to pass to the experts 

Whatever your reason, you are in the right place! 

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What's in it for you? 


Imagine the possibilities with a few extra hours in your week. Outsourcing your one-off recruitment tasks to an expert not only saves you time now but also in the long run, helping you avoid unexpected hiring mistakes and ensuring you get it right the first time.



Maximise your recruitment budget with cost-effective solutions that deliver results without the high fees associated with traditional recruitment agencies.



Enhance the quality of your hires by leveraging our expertise to attract, assess, and select the best-fit candidates for your organisation.
Elevate your employer brand with the right tone of voice, strategy and professional candidate experience 


Recruitment Tasks Overview

Please note that our one-off recruitment services are designed to be transactional, offering you a quick turnaround. If you're in the exploratory stage or require consultancy/guidance, please reach out to us directly to discuss how we can tailor our support to your needs.

Deb is a warm and generous person. She’s a wealth of knowledge and always so willing to share. I’ve learnt so much from Deb about how to hire and who to hire. If you’re looking to expand your team and want to save time and money (and a bit of heartache) then you need to talk to Deb and her team

Alternative Services

Not sure if outsourcing your one-off recruitment tasks is the right solution for you?

You can access an overview of our other services via the links below.

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