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"The only mistake you can make.....
is not asking for help"
Sandeep Jauhar

There are many reasons why you might be here to engage Phlox as your external recruitment support for your growing and scaling business

Maybe you're: 

  • Time poor

  • You're recruiting a number of roles at once 

  • Your brand is not well known and you're unsure of what to do 

  • You don't want to pay huge recruitment agency fees

  • You have been burnt and want to avoid those costly hiring mistakes 

  • Hiring is not your forte and you are happy to pass to the experts 

Whatever your reason, you are in the right place! 

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Why Choose Phlox?

Phlox acts as an extension to your business

We advertise with your logo and your brand....we promote you not us!

Any candidates sourced during the recruitment process are yours to keep for the future. Start building a strong talent pool today

At Phlox we don't stop at candidate sourcing, we provide you with everything you need to excel in the hiring process such as suggested interview questions, interview coaching, managing job offers and reference checking guidance...and plenty more. 

Phlox is committed to ensuring 100% of applicants receive a response to their application. 

We ensure all of your applicants receive a 5 Star experience....recruitment is marketing after all and their experience directly impacts your reputation.

Phlox acts as your external Recruitment department until you are ready to hire your own or you're ready to engage recruitment agencies. We'll see you through the full transition. 

Bulk Recruitment Projects

Is your business going through significant growth and you have a number of roles you need to recruit for? 

If so, this sounds like you need our Project Management Services. Let the Phlox team handle the recruitment for you. We devise and map out the recruitment strategy, the process, the timelines, the recruitment marketing plan and we manage all of the applicant responses for you. 

Working with Phlox enables you hire the best talent for your team whilst also building a reputable employer brand. At Phlox, we promote your brand when recruiting for you, not ours. 


We are not a recruitment agency, we act as an extension to your business. 

Please refer to the section below for our standard Recruitment Support Services

Our Recruitment Services

Our packages are based on your needs
..but he is an overview of tasks we can assist with:

Devising a robust hiring strategy

Write job adverts that convert

Manage candidate communication and updates

Providing constructive feedback to candidates

Facilitating background & reference checks

Define a process that's aligned with your business goals and needs 

Manage job adverts and candidate responses 

1-way video interviewing through Hireflix 

Recruitment marketing activities

Review and conduct initial screening calls

Provide you with relevant interview questions

Templates and scripts to guide you through the process

Interview support

Guidance on using digital marketing throughout the recruitment process 

Onboarding your new employee

Your Investment

Whilst we pride ourselves on our transparency, we are unable to give you an exact cost without fully understanding your needs.


Advertising costs vary based on the role type, location and demand. 

Different jobs require a different strategy and approach which directly impacts our workload. 

Costs are impacted by the level of support you'd like from Phlox. The less we are involved the cheaper the price. 

We have however drafted a price guide below so that you know the ballpark cost before contacting us. 


Essentials Recruitment Package

The ultimate package for the business owner that needs help and direction but wants to DIY

  • 60 min 1:1 to gather information and insights

  • Job advert written for you with a suggested recruitment marketing plan / costs

  • Hiring strategy and process aligned with your goals and hiring needs

  • Interview question guide specifically aligned with the role you are recruiting for

  • A time-line and step-by-step guide for you to follow throughout your process

  • Communication/Email templates for you to use to save you time

  • 2 x 30 min sessions to be used as needed to support you through the process.


$1275 + GST

Premium Recruitment Package

For the cost conscious business owners who still needs help with recruiting for their business.

  • Includes all component of the Essential Package PLUS:

  • Job Advert response management - initial shortlisting selection sent to you for review 

  • Coordinating a first stage screen via video for shortlisted candidates and responses sent for review. 

  • Coordinating interviews and feedback 

  • Interview planning and guidance session to ensure you are best prepared 

  • Managing all candidate communication 

  • Guidance on offer management and reference checking 

  • Regular communication and check in points to keep you in the loop

  • Employer branding guide: overview on activities to leverage your recruitment to build employer brand 

  • Guidance on offer management and reference checking 

  • Handover of data/IP for you to keep


$3650 + GST

Elite Recruitment


For the busy business owner that wants to outsource as much of the recruitment process as possible

  • Get even more support from Phlox with our Elite Package. Includes all the components of the Premium Package PLUS:

  • Phone Screen conducted by a Phlox representative. Max 5 questions in addition to the standard reason for leaving, salary expectation, location etc. Max 10 candidates. 

  • Proactive reach out to candidates 

  • Company Research Analysis (if available) a review based on what applicants might find out about your company online and the impression they will form before meeting you _ plan of steps you can take to improve this

  • Advice/Guidance on skills assessments available to support your hiring decisions

  • Let us manage your Reference Checks/Background Checks


$6750 + GST

Phlox Consulting

Sydney, Australia

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