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Why Phlox

The idea of Phlox began as a side hustle. At the time I wanted a name that stood out as being memorable and fun and landed on the name iRecruiter Tutor. 

During the first 12 month, the business and service offerings rapidly expanded and  the time came to go all in on a re-brand; new colours, new logo and new name. 

Phlox was chosen as it perfectly represents and symbolises the foundations that this business is built upon.

Phlox is a flower that blossoms all season

In Latin, Phlox means "flame"

Phlox flowers symbolise harmony, compatibility, unity, partnership, and agreement.

Phlox represent united hearts and souls

Phlox are recognised universally as being symbolic of an agreement

They can also represent complexity and understanding

Phlox Values


The core foundation of everything we do. We are formed on strong moral principals. 


We speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And so do our clients. 


Everything we deliver is tried, tested and of the highest quality and standard. 




We strive for excellence, ensuring our clients feel transformed after working with us.

We inspire you to confidently try new things, challenge the status quo and be unique.

If you’d like more information about our services or are ready to work with us, get in touch today.

Why not? Who said hiring, interviewing or jobsearching had to be boring? 

Customer Feedback


What Customers Say About Us

Over the past three years, Deb has consistently demonstrated why she is one of the best talent experts in the business paticularly when it comes to bringing deep insights, collaborative experience and instinctive fit to talent success.


Deb is tenacious, engaging, highly conscientious and hugely passionate with her consultative approach to helping you find and match the best talent for your role. She is “all in” when solving the problem, not just defining it well. I highly recommend Deb to support you when hiring. 


Deb was really resourceful and explained then process of writing a job advert really well. Couldn't recommend her enough if you require support with hiring. I no longer feel nervous and instead feeling excited and prepared to hire our very first employee!

Phlox Consulting Pty Ltd

Sydney, Australia

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